I'm happy!

Those, who don't have babies can't understand my emotions when I see how my child is growing! I'm so happy! My boy is so small and so curious. He wants to taste everything what is within his striking distance. It's very interesting to watch him playing. And I can't resist the temptation of kissing him! My baby is so sweet!

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       I and my friend are going to spend our holidays in Cyprus.

       We decided to compare prices for some hotels in different Cyprus resorts of our local travel agencies and prices that are given in the internet.

Internet provides a lot of websites that give prices for Cyprus hotels.  And all that rates are much lower that prices provided by our local travel agencies. We were told that this happens because there are no charter flights from our town to Cyprus like it is to Antalya.

       So, we have decided to book the hotel we liked through Cyprus Hotels and to make this reservation without any troubles. We have called the hotel and found that our reservation was really made by that travel agency that has sent us the voucher for the hotel.

       Now is the time for shopping! We have to buy swimsuits and a lot of other dresses.

       All the photos will be posted after our holidays.


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I would like to tell you about mine and my friends internet adventures. 
Being a child I liked reading fiction books and now I like traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. Sometimes it is like traveling through the ages as it was with my recent travel to Cuba. For someone it is simply a bunch of Islands with the fine nature and chance for you to have a sensation of a rich man, for someone it is a travel through the ages to the vanished like Atlantis USSR and onwards to the ancient Spain, which is impossible to find even in the smallest towns of this country.
Depending on your intrests...

All the details you’ll find here later. I have to do my job too.